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Sr. Keehan Praises HHS Mandatory Contraception Requirement

Sister Carol Keehan of the Catholic Health Association announced this week how pleased she was about the Obama administration’s requirement for all insurance companies to cover contraception without a co-pay. You might remember Keehan from her public displays of affection… Continue Reading →

Contraception Required in Obamacare

It seems that Obamacare will require ALL insurance companies to cover contraceptives without co-pays as well as sterilization procedures. The NY Times reportse A leading medical advisory panel recommended on Tuesday that all insurers be required to cover contraceptives for… Continue Reading →

Supermodels or Abortifacients?

Preventing and terminating pregnancies via modern science is soooo cool right now that I can hardly tell the difference between names of supermodels and abortifacients. Ella? Yaz? Seasonique, Jolessa and Lybrel? I don’t know if they need a reality show… Continue Reading →

Katie Couric a Modern Margaret Sanger

In these times of high unemployment and dangerous deficits one issue has become so awful and dangerous to America that CBS news anchor Katie Couric has called for millions and millions of dollars to be spent on solving it. What… Continue Reading →

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