In these times of high unemployment and dangerous deficits one issue has become so awful and dangerous to America that CBS news anchor Katie Couric has called for millions and millions of dollars to be spent on solving it. What is it? Preventing poor women from having babies, of course.

Newsbusters has Couric’s transcript:

This month marks the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill, a tiny tablet that revolutionized women’s health.

But before we break out the cake and streamers, we should remember the pill is still off limits to millions of American women.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, roughly 17.4 million low-income women need publicly-funded contraception but only 9.4 million are receiving it. As many as 8 million lack adequate care.

Couric is siding with those wonderful people at Planned Parenthood to rid the world of poor babies. You see, rich people can afford contraceptive abortifacients but poor people’s babies are still slipping through. Darn poor babies! This has really got to kill Planned Parenthood as nearly the entire purpose behind their founding was to prevent poor and minorities from reproducing.

I can’t help but see Couric as a modern day Cruella De Vil who just simply hates those Dalmations because there’s just too many of them and she’ll do whatever it takes to stop them.

You also have to wonder at how Planned Parenthood is trying to change the definition of contraception to “preventative medicine” as if pregnancy were a disease. Sheesh, everyone knows that babies aren’t a disease. They’re a punishment, just like our President says they are.

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