When science hands us a way to pre-natally diagnose Autism, the horror will be unspeakable. And its coming.

Our friend Leticia reminds us to be careful when we donate to disabilities charities. With some charities, the bulk of the funds goes to pre-natal diagnosis. Of course, the reality of the matter is that R&D into pre-natal diagnosis is usually not about a cure. As Leticia puts it, “AKA search and destroy techniques to kill babies with the disability. Not curing our children who already have the disability. “

This is what happened with March of Dimes.

Such was the case with the March of Dimes and abortion of babies with Down syndrome in the 1970’s and the same thing is happening now that Autism may soon be prenatally diagnosed.

The National Down Syndrome Society and National Down Syndrome Congress both call themselves pro-choice as well. We already have a 90% abortion rate of our children, yet they stand silently by about it.

If or when they can effectively pre-natally diagnose Autism or even just susceptibility to Autism, abortion will be the solution and the carnage will be unspeakable.

BigGovernment.com is on the story of the very highly paid head of Autism speaks being appointed to Obama’s Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee IACC.

Ridiculously high compensation is not the only reason to be concerned with Dawson’s appointment and Autism Speaks. The IACC provides advice to Sebelius regarding Federal activities related to autism spectrum disorder. (ASD). They also exchange information on and coordinate activities among the member agencies and organizations. Dawson’s employment by Autism Speaks ensures that their agenda will be carried out. Instead of funding services for families and individuals, Autism Speaks’ operating budget goes primarily towards research on the cause of autism, much of it devoted to finding particular genes with an eye to developing a prenatal test. As families of children with Down Syndrome are aware, the existence of prenatal testing for autism means a vast increase in the eugenic abortion of children with autism before they are born.

Geraldine Dawson is part of a movement determined to eradicate people with autism from our society. We need more respect and understanding when it comes to the autism community. Sebelius’ choice to appoint Dawson to the IACC does not represent the hope and change that many in the autism community were expecting.

Dark days are ahead. Very dark days.