Attorney General Eric Holder refuses to admit that radical Islam is responsible for terrorist acts in America. How long can these people pretend that radical Islam is not at war with America?

Andy McCarthy writes:

This YouTube clip from the attorney general’s testimony today will be the most painful two minutes of video you will ever watch. Mr. Holder would obviously rather get a root-canal than utter the words “radical Islam” (despite the fact that his description of the American people as “a nation of cowards” on race and of Bush officials as war criminals seemed to roll of the tongue without much difficulty).

You’ll be pleased to discover, via the AG, that there is an infinite variety of reasons why Muslims commit terrorist attacks. Those reasons, of course, have nothing to do with Islamic doctrine, which is why, even as we speak, agents are struggling to understand what might possibly have driven Faisal Shahzad to try to blow up Times Square. (I guess Mayor Bloomberg will be pleased to know that opposition to the healthcare bill hasn’t necessarily been ruled out yet.)

Methinks that if the three recent terror attempts and acts had been done by folks who’d attended Tea Parties there wouldn’t be all this hemming and hawing.

The Other McCain has a lot more on the investigation into the Times Square Bomber. You know, it’s starting to look like radical Islam might have something to do with all this. Just sayin’.