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Image of Our Lady Made of Butterfly Wings

This was just too odd and wonderful not to pass on from George Matysek’s site. An image of Our Lady made entirely of butterfly wings. Don’t worry, supposedly no butterflies were hurt in the making of this art. Read the… Continue Reading →

Annie Lennox Criticizes Pope

I’ve heard the Church criticized so often as being all about money. You’ve heard it. I’ve heard it. They say that the Church’s prohibition against birth control is only because it callously wants Catholics to have many babies to grow… Continue Reading →

Pope and Grim Reaper; Together at Last

This picture’s been making the rounds of newspapers worldwide like the Korea Times. The enemies of the Church have an enemy. They clearly see Pope Benedict XVI as a threat. Expect the attacks to grow increasingly worse.

PBS: Pope “Horrifically Ignorant”

The completely correct and moral statement made by Pope Benedict XVI concerning condom usage in Africa was sure to meet the harumphs of the elite mainstream media who like only one thing less in this world than babies and that’s… Continue Reading →

Accept Gay Marriage or Die!

This is pretty terrible. You think that gay advocacy groups will stop at nothing to get their way? Well get this. The European Union’s Committee on “gay rights” has demanded that all foreign aid to Nigeria be suspended after that… Continue Reading →

From Sudan To America To Beijing

This is an amazing and heartwarming story about a Sudanese ‘lost boy’ who escaped death, was saved by Catholic Charities, fulfilled his dream of becoming an American citizen and is now representing America on the Olympic track team. Lopez Lomong… Continue Reading →

If Africa Dies – We Die

Without a doubt, Africa is a dysfunctional continent. War, poverty, disease, corruption, and immorality abound. For decades the countries of the West, through their governments, private charities, and churches have poured billions of dollars into Africa preventing starvation but doing… Continue Reading →

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