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Mitt’s Gettin’ Love from All the Wrong Places

First, Obama said that he modeled his health care plan on Romney’s. That certainly hasn’t been helping poor Mitt. But today comes another “death hug” as Zip calls it. Radical environmentalist blowhard Al Gore praised Mitt today for his stance… Continue Reading →

Compare Treatment of Al Gore to Nikki Haley

The Politico reports that the Oregonian today printed a police report about a masseuse who accused Al Gore of sexual harassment in 2006. I don’t really care about the story mainly because I don’t know what did or didn’t happen… Continue Reading →

Tiny Tim vs. Al Gore?

So Tiny Tim was the father of the global warming movement? Yeah, that fits. Make sure you at least make it to the chorus where he starts screaming “The Icecaps are meltin Oh-oh-oh-oh-OOOOOOOh!” But you’ve got to decide who’s crazier?… Continue Reading →

Most Awkward Moment of TV…Ever!

I guess the only thing that makes this video OK is that I guess it was consensual. Call me uncultured but sometimes a man reading a poem to another man that isn’t the “Charge of the Light Brigade” or “Casey… Continue Reading →

Environmentalist Grinches

See. I thought they only hated America. But it turns out that the Gorinches (that’s half Grinch/half Al Gore) hate Christmas too. According to Courier Mail: SCIENTISTS have warned that Christmas lights are bad for the planet due to huge… Continue Reading →

Save Al Gore!

In an extraordinary display of self sacrifice, Al Gore has sucked in all the harmful greenhouse gases in the world. He’s threatening that he’ll allow himself to perish unless we all agree to take the bus to work, drive hybrids,… Continue Reading →

If You’re Reading This You’re Probably Dead

Today’s the last day. Too bad. A shame for the wife and kids too, I guess. What? You didn’t hear. Today is doomsday. It’s all over. Kaput. Finis’. Sayonara. Bye-bye. A self-styled prophet from central Texas is giving doomsday predicting… Continue Reading →

Al Gore Defeated…Again!

Al Gore seems a little defeated these days when it comes to global warming. He was quoted in today’s New York Times glumly saying, “The situation has not improved since I made the movie in 2006.” Because of his self… Continue Reading →

Noah and Al Gore: A Global Warming Drive-By

The Ordinary Ministers of the Media just cannot help themselves. It is the AP this time. There I was, minding my own business, innocently reading a nice story about a gentleman who built a replica of Noah’s Ark in Holland…. Continue Reading →

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