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All That Faith Will Allow

There has been quite a stir these past days due to speculation that a substantial amount of traditional Anglican clergy may seek some form of corporate union with Rome. The Traditional Anglican Communion asked for the same thing last October… Continue Reading →

Schism! No Not Those Guys, The Other Guys.

The Anglican Church has split! Meeting in Jerusalem at the Global Anglican Future Conference, the conservative members of the Anglican Church, many of whom will be boycotting next month’s Lambeth conference issued a statement. This statement is a very serious,… Continue Reading →

Great Moments in Anglicanism — Not!

A few things Anglican today that highlight the sorry state of the Anglicanism and their comrades in communion. Last week we wrote about the motion put before the Anglican Synod that would have required an up or down vote on… Continue Reading →

Truth or Unity?

Lately, there has been much hullabaloo about the issues dividing the Anglican Communion. The communion has been wounded by high profile defections and Episcopal re-alignment, but the demise of Lambeth strikes a death blow to the Anglican communion. Ostensibly, the… Continue Reading →

Yeah, That Ought To Do It!

There is an article in the UK Telegraph which relays some interesting news. Even though there are 25 million people in the UK who regard themselves as Anglicans and only 4.2 million Catholics, attendance at Catholic Churches has surpassed that… Continue Reading →

The End of the Episcopal Church?

David Virtue is reporting on unconfirmed rumors that might spell the end of the Episcopal Church in America as we know it. It would be replaced (at least for some) by the Anglican Province of America. NEW NORTH AMERICAN PROVINCE?… Continue Reading →

Read Me: Stuff You Shouldn’t Miss

This post is a collection of sundry items that I found interesting. Perhaps you will as well. First, from Commonweal Magazine comes the story of conversion of French born American author Julian Green. Wikipedia describes the author of Léviathan and… Continue Reading →

Kasper the Unfriendly?

It is being reported by the Catholic Herald that Cardinal Kasper has expressed his personal ambivalence toward a potential reunification with those Anglicans part of the Traditional Anglican Communion. When asked whether he felt encouraged by the TAC’s request, the… Continue Reading →

Rowan Williams Goes Into the Closet

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, displayed his bravery by going into the closet. Williams presided over a ‘secret’ Eucharist for the Clergy Consultation, a lesbian and gay group of Anglican clergy. The brave Archbishop was so proud over… Continue Reading →

Church Converts By Being Rock of Stability…Bastards!

Our friends over at the virulently anti-catholic theTrumpet.com are hysterical over the proposed unity of several hundred thousand traditional Anglicans with the Church of Rome. We have reported before about how the Trumpet is convinced that these overtures are undeniable… Continue Reading →

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