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Race Playing a Factor in Anglican Succession?

Is race playing a factor in the decision making process to replace Rowan Williams as the next Archbishop of Canterbury? it would seem so. Some of the press reports and quotes coming out are pretty bad. At least one bishop… Continue Reading →

Married Priest Now Sleeping on Couch

The BBC is reporting that a married priest is saying that priests shouldn’t be married. Two things – 1) Is this really news? A priest agrees with the Church? Sadly, maybe it is. 2) I really hope his wife isn’t… Continue Reading →

Earthquake in Anglo-Catholicism

This is big news. Damian Thompson reports: Bishop John Broadhurst, Bishop of Fulham in the Anglican diocese of London, is to resign his post later this year to join the Pope’s Ordinariate. The Catholic Herald’s Anna Arco broke the story,… Continue Reading →

Having Babies is Like Stealing?

Are babies stealing? According to news reports the Anglican Church thinks so. I’m not sure I understand how babies are stealing. I mean, they can’t even drive the getaway car. But the General Synod of the Anglican Church, according to… Continue Reading →

Anglican leader: “Church Lost All Credibility”

Pile on!!! Never seeing a modern style he wouldn’t wardrobe himself in, the Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has joined the trendy company of Sinead O’ Connor and Christopher Hitchens in attacking the Catholic Church. Apparently, it’s quite the rage… Continue Reading →

The Pandemonium of Permissiveness

Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson is saying that homosexual acts are sinful unless…you really can’t help it and really really really want to do it. CNS reports: In a section of his New Testament letter to the Romans (1:22-27) dealing with… Continue Reading →

Priest Pelted With Pasta

One Christian took the relativistic ramblings of his minister to heart. Hey, the good news is that the minister knows he’s being listened to. The bad news is…well…the bad news is that, according to The Guardian: A priest who advised… Continue Reading →

I Haven’t Been Called a Cannibal Since…

I haven’t been called a cannibal since the 70’s. Firstly, I can explain what happened that day. The pizza guy wouldn’t deliver, my buddy was sleeping and I just thought “Wow, ten toes is a lot to have.” Oh wait,… Continue Reading →

Former Priest: Pope is Anti-Anglican

James Carroll, a former priest and current columnist for the Boston Globe, was obviously jealous of Maureen Dowd’s anti-papal polemics. So he one-upped her. Maybe even two-upped her, if that’s a word. I warn you that if you read on,… Continue Reading →

Cardinal To Anglicans: Beware Spiritual Alzheimers

Cardinal Ivan Dias, prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples, who is the most senior Catholic delegate invited to the Lambeth Conference, has diagnosed many Christian communities with “spiritual Alzheimer’s” and “ecclesial Parkinson’s.” Whoa! A cardinal telling it… Continue Reading →

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