I haven’t been called a cannibal since the 70’s. Firstly, I can explain what happened that day. The pizza guy wouldn’t deliver, my buddy was sleeping and I just thought “Wow, ten toes is a lot to have.” Oh wait, Richard Dawkins wasn’t talking about me personally. He means that all Catholics are cannibals. Whew!

I like when Dawkins is angry. Dawkins’ anger is clarifying for me. It’s one of the most assured ways of knowing that Pope Benedict made a great decision. Here’s my pet theory – If Dawkins, Maureen Dowd, or James Carroll is outraged then I’m automatically giggly. And based on how mad they’ve all been recently, I should be very giggly.

In the Washington Post today, Dawkins’ flipped through his insult thesaurus and called the Catholic Church all sorts of polysyllabic names including misogynistic, cannibalistic, homophobic, and the greatest force for evil in the world.

What’s at the root of this outpouring of liberal anger over Pope Benedict’s decision to accept Anglicans who are interested in converting to Catholicism? It seems to be a highly selective anger. Did you know that at least 6,000 Christians were forcibly reconverted to Hinduism in Mumbai earlier this week because of the strong-arming violence from some Hindu groups, according to Asia news.

Heard about it from the media? Nope. Not a peep about forced conversions of Christians to Hinduism but you’ve heard the Pope’s offer to Anglicans labeled a “Blitzkrieg” or an “assault.”

You know, I’m starting to think the media doesn’t much like Christianity. And they might just hate Catholicism. But why? Not because it is the greatest force for evil in the world as they say but because it’s the greatest force for preventing their worldview of abortion on demand, the dissolution of marriage, the degradation of sex, and the destruction of families from coming to fruition.