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I Haven’t Been Called a Cannibal Since…

I haven’t been called a cannibal since the 70’s. Firstly, I can explain what happened that day. The pizza guy wouldn’t deliver, my buddy was sleeping and I just thought “Wow, ten toes is a lot to have.” Oh wait,… Continue Reading →

Former Priest: Pope is Anti-Anglican

James Carroll, a former priest and current columnist for the Boston Globe, was obviously jealous of Maureen Dowd’s anti-papal polemics. So he one-upped her. Maybe even two-upped her, if that’s a word. I warn you that if you read on,… Continue Reading →

Laughably Bad Coverage of TAC

As always, anything the Vatican does receives terrible reporting from the media. It generally receives bad reportage mainly for two reasons. 1) Reporters don’t know a thing about Catholicism. 2) Most reporters hate Catholicism. They hate Catholicism so much that… Continue Reading →

Misogynist Racists Join Misogynist Racists

In a desperate move intended to boost its dwindling numbers, a two-millenia old racist misogynist institution is attempting to lure a younger group of misogynist racists who don’t feel at home in the 21st century. The Vatican yesterday announced that… Continue Reading →

America: Ut unum sint! – Not!

The Anglo-Catholic reunion is going to put the liberal Catholic faction into convulsions. In fact, it has already started. The dependably silly Michael Sean Winters over at America Magazine is doing backflips to avoid reality and worries about the future… Continue Reading →

Traditional Anglicans Over For Easter?

Fr Jeffrey Steel is a priest in the Church of England and serving a traditionalist Anglo-Catholic parish in the Durham Diocese of England. Fr. Steel has an interesting rumor about the Traditional Anglican Communion. The Traditional Anglican Communion, you’ll remember,… Continue Reading →

CDF To TAC: Hang In There!

Cardinal Levada has asked the Traditional Anglican Communion to hang in there while they sort the whole Anglican meltdown out. For his part Archbishop John Hepworth, the Primate of the TAC, seems to have taken it as the encouragement as… Continue Reading →

On Christian Unity

On the website of the Traditional Anglican Communion there is the text of an address given by the Right Reverend George Langberg at the Conference of the Fellowship of Concerned Churchmen in June. The address provides much food for thought… Continue Reading →

Great Moments in Anglicanism — Not!

A few things Anglican today that highlight the sorry state of the Anglicanism and their comrades in communion. Last week we wrote about the motion put before the Anglican Synod that would have required an up or down vote on… Continue Reading →

What Traditional Anglicans Wrote To Rome

Some months back we wrote about the quest for unity of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC). The TAC is a breakaway group of orthodox Anglicans seeking full, corporate, and sacramental union with the See of Rome. Essentially, they wished to… Continue Reading →

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