A few things Anglican today that highlight the sorry state of the Anglicanism and their comrades in communion.

Last week we wrote about the motion put before the Anglican Synod that would have required an up or down vote on whether they should be actually trying to convert people, in particular Muslims.

Albert Mohler said of the motion that “the outcome of this debate may, more than anything else, determine the future viability of the Church of England.”

Well, never mind. The Anglichickens managed to get the motion removed from the agenda. I think the Telegraph sums it up nicely.

A meeting of the Church’s “parliament” was due to discuss whether clergy should be doing more to convert British Muslims to Christianity.

The sensitive issue was highlighted last week by a senior bishop who accused Church leaders of failing to reach out to other faiths, and warned that radical Islam is filling a gap in society caused by the decline of traditional Christian values.

But now the Church has put off the debate on recruiting Muslims until next February at the earliest and will discuss the promotion of churches as tourist attractions instead.

Churches as tourist attractions. What else would they be good for? Oh yes, gay marriages of course. Bishop Gene Robinson, who lit the fuse leading to this summers Lambeth bomb, poured some gasoline on it just to insure that it goes off as scheduled. He “tied the knot” with his longtime partner Mark Andrew.

[Union Leader] Gene Robinson, New Hampshire’s Episcopal bishop, entered into a civil union yesterday with his partner of 20 years, Mark Andrew, according to WMUR-TV.

In an interview last month on NBC’s “The Today Show,” Robinson said the decision to enter into a civil union came after he received death threats about his decision to attend the Lambeth Conference of Anglican bishops this summer, despite a decision by church leaders not to invite him to participate.

“I am simply not going to put my life in jeopardy without putting into place the protections for my beloved partner and my children and my grandchildren that are offered to me in a civil union,” Robinson told Lauer.

What did Annie Hall say? Yes La-di-da La-di-da.

But wait, there is more. The latest rumor regarding the petition of unity by the Traditional Anglican Communion is that Rome is sitting on it until after Lambeth.

[Catholic Online] In October of 2007 the College of Bishops for the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) unanimously decided to seek communion with the Roman Catholic Church and dispatched a letter to the Vatican verbalizing their request.

On Friday, David Virtue reported on Virtueonline.com that the Church of England Newspaper learned from Rome that decision concerning the TAC might come sometime after the Lambeth Conference, which will be held July 16 – August 3, 2008.

Of course, you always save the best fireworks for the finale. The Anglican communion is imploding and it could hit critical mass at Lambeth. If it does, allowing the TAC some kind of communion could make cause the whole situation very interesting to watch. Kind of like a train wreck. Horrific, but riveting.