Just days after Barack Obama’s nomination for the Presidency was assured, spokesheep for lambs across the world are confirming that talks have begun with lions for a sit down. Now this is far from the “lie down” of lambs and lions that biblical prophecies have spoken of but many believe this is the first step towards that vision becoming a reality.

The lambs have agreed to go into the talks without “precondition.” Said one lamb, “If Obama’s willing to speak with Ahamdinejad, we’re willing to speak with Simba or whatever his name is.”

Some cynical lambs are however crying out that the summit is a “baaaaaad idea.” They are implying that the negotiations may simply a ruse by the lions to get as many lambs in one place before pouncing.

But a spokesperson for the lions called that accusation an outrageous slander and typical of the “old law of the jungle mentality.” He said with Obama’s nomination, “it just seemed the right time.” The lions said they were expressing hope for the dawn of a new era and would readily be locked in a meeting room with lambs where press has been instructed to not enter no matter what they hear until the lions come out and explain everything.