Some months back we wrote about the quest for unity of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC). The TAC is a breakaway group of orthodox Anglicans seeking full, corporate, and sacramental union with the See of Rome. Essentially, they wished to be joined to the Catholic Church while maintaining some of the traditions and structure that make them Anglican Catholics. We here at CMR continue to be very interested in the fate of our Anglo brethren.

As of yet, there is still no official reaction from the Holy See so their fate is still unknown. Additionally, and probably wisely, the leaders of the TAC have vowed to keep mum on the subject until the Holy See offers some guidance on the matter.

However, we now have a glimpse into some of the contents of the letter seeking unity delivered by the TAC back in October. The following is gleaned from part of an internal fund raising letter of the TAC containing excerpts of the letter to Rome.

On Communion:
“a worldwide community of Anglican Christians has united under the name “The Traditional Anglican Communion” for three main purposes:

  • To identify, reaffirm and consolidate in its community the elements… conduct that mark the Church of Christ…
  • To seek as a body full and visible communion, particularly eucharistic communion, in Christ, with the Roman Catholic Church..
  • To achieve such communion while maintaining those revered traditions… that constitute the cherished and centuries-old heritage of Anglican communities throughout the world

On acceptance of the ministry of the bishop of Rome:
We accept the ministry of the Bishop of Rome, the successor of Peter, which is a ministry of teaching and discerning the faith and a “perpetual and visible principle and foundation of unity” and understand this ministry is essential to the Church founded by Jesus Christ.

On acceptance of the catholic faith
“We accept that the most complete and authentic expression and application of the catholic faith in this moment of time is found in the Catechism of the Catholic Church…”

And their appeal to the Church
“Driven by these realizations, which we must now in good conscience bring to the attention of the Holy See, we seek a communal and ecclesial way of being Anglican Catholics in communion with the Holy See, at once treasuring the full expression of catholic faith and treasuring our tradition within which we have come to this moment. We seek the guidance of the Holy See as to the fulfillment of these our desires and those of the churches in which we have been called to serve.”

We have noted before, with irony, that there are many groups in ostensible unity with the Church that would never say the things that the TAC does. I sincerely hope that some accommodation can be made for the TAC. The signal that would be sent to Anglicans worldwide and Christians everywhere upon the first first corporate re-union since the reformation would be wonderful. We are praying for you.