What Traditional Anglicans Wrote To Rome
—The contents of the letter seeking full, corporate, and sacramental union with the See of Rome.

Maybe Clericalism Wasn’t So Bad
—I am beginning to think that Maureen Martin might be a long lost sister of ours.

Archbishop Urges Gov. To Refrain from Communion
—Cites Abortion Stance

Gerald Augustinus whY?
—Oh no! Is the Cafeteria Open again?

TiVo is Destroying Society!
—Someone Shot J.R.!?

Minister: Stop Having So Many Children!
—Your babies are destroying the world.

Fool and Unusual Punishment
—330 Year sentence for a 72 year old white collar criminal.

McCain Speaks, Get Your Decoder Ring Out
—Pssst! He’s Talking About the A word.

From Iraq With Love To Stephen King
—A Message from the Illiterate Troops

Mennonites For Obama?
—Barack Obama seems to have locked up the college-aged Mennonite vote.

Nuns Neglecting Their Husbands
—A Tale of Two Nunneries

10 Year Olds Knew it in 1948
—Catholic Comics Got it Right, Why Can’t Theologians