Randall Terry is running a contest on his website called the “Burn in Hell” Contest and he’s calling on pro-lifers to burn Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in effigy on Halloween, video it, send it to Terry, and win prizes such as books autographed by Terry.

Oh boy. On the video below (available at his site) he gives instructions how to download pictures of Reid and Pelosi and get them all nice and ready for faux fiery perdition and how to get local press to cover it.

Who does this help? Seriously. I mean other than Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. And don’t give me the “oh he’s just raising awareness.” Because there isn’t anybody who’s not hooked up to life support that doesn’t know that abortion is a hot button issue in the Democrat’s healthcare plan.

This kind of thing turns off the very people who we’re trying to convince. But as is typical of Terry’s antics, they appear to be more about Randall Terry getting noticed than shining a spotlight on the issue of abortion.