Well that was quick. You see, for a few hours today I believed in the existence of moderate Democrats. I really did. For years I thought of moderate Democrats as similar to Bigfoot and Chupacabra. Sure, other people said they saw them but I wasn’t so sure. I’d resisted believing in such a thing for a long time but I relented when I saw Michigan congressman Bart Stupak saying that he was prepared to “torpedo” the Democrat’s healthcare plan as long at it contained public funding of abortion.

Many pro-lifers including me were cheering Stupak. I even said that if he resisted we’d be referring to him as a profile in courage one day.

Do I feel stupid. Video footage of a town hall held in Cheboygan, Mich., on Saturday, shows Stupak saying that he’d vote for the Democrats’ healthcare reform even though it includes public funding for abortion.

If everything I want [is] in the final bill, I like everything in the bill except you have public funding for abortion, and we had a chance to run our amendment and we lost. OK, I voted my conscience, stayed true to my principles, stayed true to the beliefs of this district, could I vote for healthcare? Yes I still could.

So what he’s saying is that he’ll make some efforts to prevent abortion funding but he doesn’t think it’s all that important. Saving the lives of the unborn isn’t as important as pleasing President Obama, I guess. This is like saying that I am opposed to the death penalty, sure, but if I lost and there was no pardon – sure I ‘d pull the trigger.

Congressman Stupak, principles don’t have an expiration date.

HT The Foundry