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Violent Anti-Catholic Thug or Brilliant Artist?

As if there weren’t enough evidence we were failing our kids with our education system, and now this shocking public display of ignorance!The OC Register reports: Police were called Tuesday morning to investigate a report that “Kill THE CATHLICS!” was… Continue Reading →

The Most Anti-Catholic Political Ad Ever

A Democrat Party supporting independent non profit group has sent out perhaps THE most anti-Catholic political advertisement I’ve ever seen. Sometimes there’s a little subtlety to anti-Catholic political rhetoric but not this time. This is in your face anti-Catholicism. A… Continue Reading →

Sinead: Jesus Would Burn the $&%@# Vatican To the Ground

Sinead O’Connor has long been one of the leading anti-Catholic celebrities of our time. And in our time that takes some doing. But Sinead really outdid herself in a recent interview. She didn’t just say that the Vatican should be… Continue Reading →

Pregnant Nun Ad is Back for the Pope’s Visit

Remember that story about the ice cream company with the advertisement that showed a priest and a nun looking as though they were about to kiss. That ad was banned. Now the same company have an ad showing a pregnant… Continue Reading →

Court Could Destroy California Catholic Schools

A number of Catholic groups including the Catholic League, Ignatius Press, and the Pacific Justice Institute are asking the Supreme Court to review an outlandish and anti-Catholic decision by the always controversial Ninth Circuit. According to a PJI release: This… Continue Reading →

Top 10 Ways To Know You’re Likely To Hear Something Anti–Catholic

Anti-Catholicism is on the rise and despite its frequency many Catholics often seem surprised to hear it. CMR is here to help by offering you the top ten clues that you’re about to hear something anti-Catholic. We break it down… Continue Reading →

College Prof Fired for Being Catholic?

The News Gazette is reporting that an adjunct college professor was let go from his position because he was espousing beliefs of the Catholic Church. The course he was teaching was actually…Catholicism 101. One student labeled it “hate speech” and… Continue Reading →

Video: Catholic School Vandalized

This is disgusting. “666” was written in different parts of the kitchen, a cross was displayed sacrilegiously and a picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe was stabbed with a knife. CNA reports. CNA reports: In an apparent hate crime, vandals… Continue Reading →

New Movie About the Sex Abuse Scandal?

Hollywood! The town that’s afraid to make terrorist villains come from the Middle East is now making a movie about the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal. How brave. Because you know, nobody’s heard or read anything about this subject so… Continue Reading →

Ridiculing Pope Benedict

In preparation for Pope Benedict XVI’s visit to Great Britain, a group of British diplomats circulated a memo offering suggestions for a to-do list of sorts for the Pope including launching a new line of ‘ Benedict’ condoms, inviting the… Continue Reading →

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