Anti-Catholicism is on the rise and despite its frequency many Catholics often seem surprised to hear it. CMR is here to help by offering you the top ten clues that you’re about to hear something anti-Catholic.

We break it down by percentage. This is math folks. We’ve carried the ones and everything. (No, we’re not going to show our work. Just trust us.)

Broken down by percentage points here are the chances you’re about to hear something anti-Catholic if you hear:

44% chance if someone says “I’m not religious but I’m very spiritual.”

49% chance if someone says, “The Pope during WWII…”

A 53% chance if someone says “I read in the New York Times…”

57% chance if someone says “I don’t need an intermediary between me and God…”

68% chance if a representative of Barack Obama’s Faith Based Advisory Council office is quoted.

83% chance if you hear from your television, “You’re watching Hardball…”

84% chance if someone says “Richard Dawkins said…”

89% chance if someone says “I don’t normally watch “The View” but Joy Behar said…”

94% chance if there’s any mention of a flying spaghetti monster.

98% Any mention of The Inquisition or the Crusades.

100% If someone says “I was raised Catholic so…” anything that follows is guaranteed to be anti-Catholic.

Hope these help. Please feel free to add your own.