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Q and A With Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann

Two weeks ago Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann publicly asked Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to refrain from receiving Communion because of her support of legalized abortion. This started a political firestorm on television, talk radio, and the internet. Today, the Archbishop Naumann… Continue Reading →

Bishop Boots Bad Board over Babies

Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor in England has dismissed the entire board of directors of a Catholic hospital after they refused to bring the health center’s policies in line with the Church on abortion. The Cardinal had been arguing with… Continue Reading →

Archbishop Chaput Accused of Stealing Milk from Babies

Rocky Mountain News published this Q and A with Archbishop Charles Chaput, who recently spoke out against a bill in the state House that he deemed an “attack on religious identity.” The bill is so restrictive that it would forbid… Continue Reading →

Update: Baltimore Priest Can Return to Active Duty

the Baltimore Sun interviewed the Archbishop of Baltimore concerning the priest who was removed from his duties for various offenses. I think the archbishop aquitted himsefl well in this case: The pastor of three Catholic parishes in South Baltimore is… Continue Reading →

Baltimore’s New Archbishop Removes Pastor

Baltimore’s new archbishop seems to be taking his job very seriously and reining in the anything-goes mentality as earlier this week he removed a priest who was pastor of three South Baltimore parishes for offenses that include officiating at a… Continue Reading →

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