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Priest Defies Archbishop, Receives Standing Ovation

Sensus fidelum baby! For all you non-brainiacs, that means priests don’t have to listen to Church teaching or their archbishop as long as they surround themselves with people who agree with them. It’s being reported that a priest is openly… Continue Reading →

And Upon This Poll I Will Build My Church

You’ve got to love how all the time, especially now seemingly, opponents of the Church bring up polls that say Catholic women heart contraception by a massive majority. Ergo, the Church should change its “policy.” They bring up polls as… Continue Reading →

I Know What You Did Last Sunday

The threat was out there. Actually it wasn’t a threat, it was a warning. Archbishop Allen Vigneron warned Father Wurm not to preside at the liturgy organized by the progressive American Catholic Council this past weekend. Father Robert Wurm seemed,… Continue Reading →

Gay Advocates Protest Catholic Church

Gay advocates now believe they can tell the Church how to spend its money. About one hundred protestors stood outside the St. Louis Cathedral Basilica on Sunday, angry with the archdiocese’s use of $10,000 in “private gifts” in a campaign… Continue Reading →

Bomb Threat Over Priest Removal

You might remember Father Peter Kennedy who was pulled from his Australian parish but refused to leave because he’s too busy blessing homosexual couples, allowing women to preach, and selling books that questioned the divinity of Jesus. You might also… Continue Reading →

Nominated Archbishop Didn’t Pay Tithe

Pope Benedict XVI is set to announce a new Archbishop of New York to replace Cardinal Edward Egan, an informed Vatican source tells Newsmax. Many conservatives are pleased because the source says that Cardinal Egan’s successor is from the “conservative… Continue Reading →

Obama Loving Nuns Blast Archbishop

As you recall, Archbishop Chaput has been very forceful is saying that the culture of life should be predominant in our thoughts come election day. Well, you’d expect a motley bunch of secularists, atheists, and liberals to cry foul. I… Continue Reading →

Enough With The Apologies

The Church of England owes Charles Darwin an apology for its hostile 19th-century reaction to the naturalist’s theory of evolution, a high ranking cleric wrote on an Anglican Web site. The Rev Malcolm Brown, who heads the church’s public affairs… Continue Reading →

Take the Money, Leave the Faith

On June 16, seven Roman Catholic schools in Washington, D.C., were transformed into seven public charter schools by a unanimous vote of the D.C. Public Charter School Board. It’s a conversion story – but in reverse. The archdiocese is creating… Continue Reading →

Pfleger Gets Pfired? Pfanatical Sabbatical?

The Archbishop of Chicago has asked Father Michael Pfleger to take a few weeks off to reflect. Kudos to the Archbishop for taking a stand. The statement from Francis Cardinal George says that Fr. Pfleger disagreed with him on his… Continue Reading →

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