As you recall, Archbishop Chaput has been very forceful is saying that the culture of life should be predominant in our thoughts come election day. Well, you’d expect a motley bunch of secularists, atheists, and liberals to cry foul. I just didn’t expect it from a couple of nuns. Here’s a letter to the editor from The Denver Post from two Denver nuns who are essentially telling the Archbishop to mind his own business and they’re going to support Obama. Sad. Here’s the letter:

As Catholics and supporters of Sen. Barack Obama’s candidacy, we appreciate Archbishop Charles Chaput’s clarification in Sunday’s Post that he is speaking as a private citizen when he takes issue with Sen. Obama and his supporters.

We had supposed that since the official archdiocesan newspaper last week included a voter guide supporting John McCain from a group calling itself Colorado Family Institute (different from the guide promoted by the U.S. bishops), the archbishop might, perhaps, be attempting to influence the choices of Catholic voters.

We honor the archbishop’s right to support the candidates and issues he believes best represent his deepest values, and applaud his recognition that not all Catholics will make his choices their own.

We also appreciate the respect for primacy of conscience in our decision-making, as enunciated by Josef Ratzinger, now our current pope, Benedict XVI, who wrote: “Over the pope, as the expression of the binding claim of ecclesiastical authority, there still stands one’s own conscience, which must be obeyed before all else — if necessary, even against the requirement of ecclesiastical authority.”

We are making our ballot choices as adults and as faithful citizens who have weighed the issues in light of the gospels and the justice teachings of our church. We encourage all Catholics to do likewise.

Sister Mary A. Coyle, Denver
Sister Mary Ann Cunningham, Denver

This is a snarky letter written with nastiness in intent. It’s no wonder the faithful are so confused.