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Euthanasia Makes People Live Longer

ABC.net.au reports that some leading euthanasia supporters are pushing the counter intuitive argument that legalized euthanasia will actually help people live longer: The architect of the Northern Territory’s overturned euthanasia legislation says denying people the right to die is forcing… Continue Reading →

Fired Priest Isn’t Going Quietly

A long time ago when I was much younger and not well behaved (at all) and still drinking (a lot), my college friends and I got a touch out of control and we got kicked out of a bar. The… Continue Reading →

Archbishop Says He’ll Close Hospitals Over Abortion

Australian MP’s are voting on whether all hospitals must either perform abortions or at least offer referrals. One Archbishop is standing up against it and saying the Catholic church might have to get out of hospitals altogether. According to The… Continue Reading →

Five Types of Catholic

John Herron has been a very public Catholic all his life, as an Australian senator for 11 years, as a Howard government Aboriginal affairs minister, and as the ambassador to Ireland and the Holy See, according to the Canberra Times…. Continue Reading →

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