Australian MP’s are voting on whether all hospitals must either perform abortions or at least offer referrals. One Archbishop is standing up against it and saying the Catholic church might have to get out of hospitals altogether. According to The Australian:

CATHOLIC hospitals might close their maternity and emergency departments if a proposed new abortion law is passed in Victoria next month, Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart has warned.

Archbishop Hart said Catholic hospitals would not provide referrals for abortions — nor perform them — which would be mandatory under the law.

“In the worst-case scenario, if a government is determined to enforce such laws, we have no option. We might get out of hospitals altogether,” Archbishop Hart told The Age.

This does seem to be the way of things recently. If the Church doesn’t conform to the secular demands of the government, then the Catholic church must decide whether it goes against its morality or just closes up shop.

Archbishop Hart has taken to asking MP’s to understand the Church’s issue here. Stay tuned for hypocritical screams about separation of church and state.