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Sister Had Baby!

My sister Mary had a boy! And the baby’s fine. Thanks so much for all the prayers everyone. My sister’s blood pressure is still a bit high so she’s still being watched but I saw her last night and she… Continue Reading →

Watchoo Talking Bout Doctor?

For many men the worst nightmare would be you’re on life support and the doctors decide to leave the decision over whether or not to pull the plug up to….YOUR EX WIFE!!!! Well it turns out that may be exactly… Continue Reading →

Coakley: Catholics Shouldn’t Work in ER’s

This video is shocking. Wow. Wow. Wow. Not a surprise “Wow.” But like “wow” is Senate candidate Martha Coakley so politically unaware that she just said what all those liberals actually think about religious people. Martha Coakley said on the… Continue Reading →

Catholic Nurse Forced to Perform Abortion?

This is pretty darn awful and disturbing and yet another example how necessary conscience clauses are for healthcare workers. With this upcoming debate on healthcare be assured that there will be a thorough going over of conscience clauses. Remember, to… Continue Reading →

Archbishop Says He’ll Close Hospitals Over Abortion

Australian MP’s are voting on whether all hospitals must either perform abortions or at least offer referrals. One Archbishop is standing up against it and saying the Catholic church might have to get out of hospitals altogether. According to The… Continue Reading →

Report: Catholic Hospitals Perform Abortions and Sterlizations

In a study of sterilization and abortion practices in Texas Catholic hospitals compiled from hospital discharge data for the State of Texas, whistleblowing Catholic medical researchers found that Catholic hospitals reported at least 9,684 cases of sterilizations and 39 legally… Continue Reading →

Bishop Boots Bad Board over Babies

Archbishop of Westminster Cardinal Murphy-O’Connor in England has dismissed the entire board of directors of a Catholic hospital after they refused to bring the health center’s policies in line with the Church on abortion. The Cardinal had been arguing with… Continue Reading →

Man Gets Cross at Catholic Hospital

A transgender person is suing a Catholic hospital, claiming medical officials blocked her from getting surgery there because she had a sex-change operation, according to San Jose Mercury News. Fifty-seven-year-old Charlene Hastings already had one major surgery she needed to… Continue Reading →

Bishop Lori Blogs on Plan B Decision

Bishop William Lori of the Diocese of Bridgeport wrote on his blog a post entitled “A Perspective on Plan B.” Plan B, an issue previously discussed in this blog (“Sad State of the Constitution State”, April 24th—see “Archive”) is back… Continue Reading →

Connecticut Bishops Statement On Plan B and Catholic Hospitals

This just came out on the Connecticut Catholic Conference website. The Catholic Bishops of Connecticut, joined by the leaders of the Catholic hospitals in the State, issue the following statement regarding the administration of Plan B in Catholic hospitals to… Continue Reading →

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