A transgender person is suing a Catholic hospital, claiming medical officials blocked her from getting surgery there because she had a sex-change operation, according to San Jose Mercury News.

Fifty-seven-year-old Charlene Hastings already had one major surgery she needed to become a woman. But she says when she called Seton Medical Center to inquire about breast enlargement surgery, an official told her it wasn’t “God’s will” for her to get that treatment.

Hastings says her plastic surgeon told her Seton wouldn’t allow him to operate on transgender patients there. She filed the discrimination suit Dec. 21 in San Francisco Superior Court.

A spokeswoman for Daughters of Charity Health System, which runs the hospital, says the surgical coordinator was following hospital policy in refusing Hastings’ surgery.

Now, is this Catholic hospital the only hospital around for 100 miles. Is there really a problem for her to go elsewhere? Good thing the bishops from Connecticut aren’t in charge here. They’d say transgender surgery theology hasn’t really been well thought out as of yet so they’ll do whatever’s expedient. Good for this hospital standing up and saying no. If the hospital, however, loses the lawsuit, God help Catholic hospitals.