The private clinics that carry out more than 90% of legal abortions in Spain have begun a week-long strike calling for changes to the law, says the BBC.

Thousands of in-utero children reportedly cheered and kicked upon hearing the news. Some expectant mothers reportedly heard, “Viva La Union” and “Don’t Cross the Picket Line” from their babies.

The abortionists (ironically) want more protections. Recently, more than a dozen medical staff have been arrested on suspicion of carrying out illegal abortions.

Dr Roland Ledea, who runs a private abortion clinic in Madrid, told that BBC that “we are now in 2008 and the law was made in 1985 – society has changed a lot”.

I would just add that babies haven’t changed at all.

The government is unlikely to want to stir a national debate and change the law, the BBC’s Danny Wood reports from Madrid. Hooray!!! Stay on strike. I’ll bring sandwiches out to the picketers. Viva La Union!!!!