Quote of the Day
—What is the likely reaction to Cardinal Rodé’s dressing down of the Jesuits? Karen Hall has the answer.

Bill Clinton and the Magic Johnson Problem
—The campaign was experience vs. change. And it wasn’t just change. It was change wrapped in smiling charm. I’m of course talking about 1992.

FOCUS: Hope For the Future
—DMAC returned yesterday from the national conference of the Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), held outside of Dallas. If you want hope for the future, here it is.

Expelled: Ben Stein Takes on Darwin and Atheism
—DMAC has a preview of the Ben Stein documentary.

Bill Maher Says You’re Schizo
—More nastiness from you know who on Conan.

Our Shame-o-Meter is Broken
—The free admission that there is no free admission.

—Ickabee, the Mormon, and the Planet of the Apes. Patrick’s thoughts on the current state of the Presidential nominating process.

Huckabee Quotes Chesterton – Kinda’
—Presidential hopeful quotes Chesterton in Iowa victory speech.

Media: Pope Confiscates Telescopes, Condemns Science
—Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

Some Random Offensive Anti-Catholic Things I Found
—What do all these ridiculous things have in common?

Why Won’t You Rape Me You Racist Pig?
—This story takes bias to a whole new level!