Archbishop Says He’ll Close Hospitals Over Abortion
—Push is coming to shove for Catholic hospitals.

Heroes & Villains
—Our choices define whether we are heroes or villains.

65% Want Restrictions on Abortion But So What?
—There’s so much to be said about it but you’re not allowed to say it.

Of Darwinism and Narcissicism
—In modern science, it is survival of the meanest.

Catholics Returning to GOP Fold. Why?
—Bishops strong stance may have caused poll shift.

Beauty Kills Me
—I’m used to pain and disappointment but love throws me for a loop.

I Want To Be Dean Kamen
—Where science and compassion meet.

Unfair to Mark Shea
—Stupid speculation warrants an apology.

Catholic Cover For Partisan Politics
—Why does Mark Shea say you should not vote?

Obama’s Electoral Strategy
—I am not sure if this is a winning strategy.

Google Gives In and Becky Stands Up
—Google allows pro-life ads and Becky is there to help.

Pride Sally, Pride
—In the abortion debate, belief is the enemy!

Gay Choir Director Fired
—How long do we have until being American and being Catholic are mutually exclusive?

Enough With The Apologies
—Archbishop advises press not to hold its breath for an apology to Darwin.

Baby Who Survived Abortion Calls on Obama
—Gianna Jessen lived. Barack Obama would have let her die.