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Holocausts and holocausts

Just a quick note – As a Catholic, I am offended and embarrassed by Bishop Williamson’s much publicized denial of the Holocaust. But you know what irks me even more? It’s when bishops and priests today ignore the holocaust going… Continue Reading →

SSPX Williamson: Rejoice in Formal Schism!

Bishop Richard Williamson has persistently been the most hard line of the leadership of the SSPX. Over the past days there has been much talk about the pre-conditions set by Rome for some sort of gesture toward the SSPX seeking… Continue Reading →

Pope Too Stupid To Be A Heretic

The consistently cranky Bishop Richard Williamson of the SSPX has once again displayed his dependable dyspepsia. This week’s derogatory dig is aimed at the post conciliar papacy. Bishop Williamson takes issue with the sedevacantist notion embraced by a minority of… Continue Reading →

The Pope is the Enemy

Bishop Richard Williamson of the SSPX has written his latest column about the state of the Romans. To make his point, Williamson extols the sagacity of an anonymous email writer. Here is the crux of what Williamson and his anonymous… Continue Reading →

Bishop Williamson Responds

A week or so ago, I wrote a post entitled “Williamson of SSPX — Yeah, That Helps” that generated a fair bit of debate. In that post, I remarked about an admission by Bishop Williamson the the SSPX is defectible… Continue Reading →

Williamson of SSPX — Yeah, That Helps

There was quite the uproar a few weeks ago— at least among those who follow the travails of the traditionalist group SSPX — when Bishop Richard Williamson in his weekly column ostensibly called Pope Benedict XVI an anti-Semite for changing… Continue Reading →

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