Bishop Richard Williamson of the SSPX has written his latest column about the state of the Romans. To make his point, Williamson extols the sagacity of an anonymous email writer. Here is the crux of what Williamson and his anonymous writer say:”…

The churchmen in Rome are battling with us (clergy and laity of the Society of St. Pius X) to bring us around to accepting their Conciliar religion. Cardinal Castrillon and even the Pope are convinced that we are mistaken, and that it is their duty by all means fair and borderline foul to get us to accept the essence of the Second Vatican Council, which has become their Credo. To this end they work on us with determination and patience, but also with authority, always “for our own good”.

“On our side, because we insist on sane thinking as an essential precondition to staying faithful to the irreformable doctrine that has been handed down to us, we find ourselves obliged to resist their pressure and so to disobey today’s Magisterium in order to obey the God who does not change. However… we must never forget that despite their courtesy and subjective kindness, these Romans are, objectively speaking, our enemies.

So in plain black and white Williamson and his anonymous alter ego declare themselves open enemies of the Magisterium and the Pope. Contrast this to the official statement of ‘filial devotion and loyalty’ on the SSPX website.

The Society of St. Pius X professes filial devotion and loyalty to Pope Benedict XVI, the Successor of Saint Peter and the Vicar of Christ.

The priests of the SSPX pray for the intentions of the Holy Father and the welfare of the local Ordinary at every Mass they celebrate.

If the SSPX is serious about its statement of loyalty to the Pope, it is high time that the SSPX divorce themselves from Williamson and his ilk. If not, then the statement on the website is a lie and we all know what ‘true faith’ says about lying.