The Pope is the Enemy
—Williamson of SSPX agrees that “objectively speaking, [the Magisterium and the Pope are] our enemies”

An April Fool’s Tragedy
—There is something scary about a five year old comedy critic.

Shocker! Fr. Andrew Greeley in the Obama Camp
—Fr. Andrew Greeley jumps to the defense of his savior. Obama.

When I Grow Up I Wanna Be a Cannibal
—Bitter Herbs: Eating Ted Turner.

Would He or Wouldn’t He?
—Chief Justice John Roberts and Roe v. Wade. A debate.

Christ Fails, Demon Gets an A
—A Wisconsin High School senior submitted the artwork and was graded with a zero. Other students submitted demonic images and that was okay.

Guns for Gonads?
—This is definitely the strangest story of the day!.

The McBrien Prize For Really Inept Vaticanology
—George Weigel takes the Washington Post to task for inept reporting and editorializing.

Christians Need Not Apply
—UK care homes for the elderly should discourage Christian workers who do not believe in gay rights, say inspector.

Pope Betray-Us
—Catholic lay group formed after the priest scandal is raising money to run a full-page newspaper ad timed to the Pope’s U.S. visit.

Obama: Babies and STD’s Are Punishments
—Presidential Hopeful equates children with sexually transmitted diseases.

Three Brothers To Become Priests
—”Our journeys are all very unique and each of us have our own gifts to offer the church.”