Pope Benedict XVI has limited his coming trip to the United States to 13 public events, but the church made a surprise announcement on Thursday that he had added two brief meetings — both with Jewish leaders.

Jewish leaders were reportedly pleased with the announcement of the meetings and gave praising quotes for the controversial Pope. But in order to meet with them, the Pope first had to promise not to pray for the Jews at all.

The Pope got into some hot water recently by re-instituting a special ‘optional’ Good Friday prayer calling for the Jewish people to recognize Jesus Christ.

“If I hear him even mumble something under his breath about…you know who… I’ll lose it,” said Rabbi Shlomo Glickstein. “We can meet, make nice but there won’t be any conversions like that Muslim guy last week I can assure you.”

One anonymous Rabbi exclaimed that he might not even show up to the meeting just in case the Pope even unintentionally thought about a prayer for the Jews. “The Pope prays all the time for everyone,” said the anonymous Rabbi. “He might just throw in a quick one on us and we won’t even know it but I’m bringing my Latin to Hebrew dictionary so I’ll know what he’s up to.”