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After a shark attack left a woman dead in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egyptian officials are publicly speculating that the Israeli Mossad could have put sharks in the sea to harm Egypt’s tourism. A possible connection between Israel and the shark attack… Continue Reading →

The Vatican Could Learn from Hamas

I love the Catholic Church. But the Vatican stinks at handling press. I mean stinks. Take the recent issue with the SSPX. Pope Benedict XVI revoked the excommunication of four of the bishops of the SSPX and suddenly a media… Continue Reading →

Best Christmas Songs By Jewish People

Here’s CMR’s list of The Top Ten Christmas Songs By Jewish people. 1) Neil Diamond-Joy To The World (Neil actually has two Christmas Albums! The chutzpah!)2) Barbra Streisand– O Little Town of Bethlehem (‘Cause remember, Christmas is all about Barbra)3)… Continue Reading →

Call Catholics Satan? Yawn. But Don’t Mention the Jews

Republican John McCain has rejected the endorsement of an influential Texas televangelist criticized for his anti-Catholic views. But wait. McCain’s not rejecting him because of his anti-Catholic views. You see, the evangelist also made the mistake of saying something stupid… Continue Reading →

Cardinal Kasper: Pray and Witness to the Jews

Cardinal Kasper, the President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity published an article at the end of March in Germany that has now been translated into English. This article follows all the hubbub that followed the change in… Continue Reading →

Rabbi Rosen you just got Punk’d!

First the statement, then a question. From the Vatican Press Office Following the publication of the new Prayer for the Jews for the 1962 edition of the Roman Missal, some groups within the Jewish community have expressed disappointment that it… Continue Reading →

Pope to Meet With Jews, Promises Not To Pray For Them

Pope Benedict XVI has limited his coming trip to the United States to 13 public events, but the church made a surprise announcement on Thursday that he had added two brief meetings — both with Jewish leaders. Jewish leaders were… Continue Reading →

Book: Catholic Laura Igraham Anti Semitic

File this one under random accusations of anti-semitism. But this one is at least extraordinary because it offers no substantiation whatsoever. Eric Alterman’s new book on “Why We’re Liberals” attacks radio host Laura Ingraham for being anti-semitic based on: 1)… Continue Reading →

Duh! We’re Christians!

Please. I mean, please! Really. Enough. Really. The professionally offended continue to practice their profession in earnest. The new text for the Good Friday prayer for the Jews has been released and the usual suspects are not satisfied. Why, because… Continue Reading →

Rabbi Says Cancel Christmas

Rabbi David Polina in Malta Today is saying that Christians should stop celebrating Christmas because Jesus hated Christmas. “The historical (i.e. real) Y’shua – more commonly known as Jesus – hated Christmas.” The good Rabbi uses the Old Testament to… Continue Reading →

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