Rabbi David Polina in Malta Today is saying that Christians should stop celebrating Christmas because Jesus hated Christmas. “The historical (i.e. real) Y’shua – more commonly known as Jesus – hated Christmas.”

The good Rabbi uses the Old Testament to prove his case. That’s the Old Testament which was written slightly before Jesus was born. Now, of course, Jesus didn’t hate Christmas as the celebration hadn’t been invented until he was born. So the good Rabbi admits he is not really talking about Christmas. He’s talking about Saturnalia. He thinks they’re the same thing.

His (Jesus’) Father had been denouncing it through the prophets for centuries, and neither Y’shua nor any of his followers would have ever dreamt of gracing a celebration of it with their presence, much less thought that in centuries later, people claiming to follow in their paths would have the audacity to rework the whole thing ostensibly in Y’shua’s honour.

Here’s the thing: I celebrated my daughter’s fifth birthday yesterday. Her actual birthday was on Tuesday but nobody could make it then. I hope the Rabbi doesn’t hear about this but we reworked Saturday into her birthday. Guess what? She didn’t care. It’s not about the date. It’s about the celebration. It’s about her being the focal point of our day. It’s about the singing “Happy Birthday” to her.

It wasn’t called “Christmas”, for sure, but the day of 25 December in the old Roman Empire was called “Saturnalia”, among other names, and was a feast to the sun-god. In fact, various forms of sun-worship called the day by different names, yet they all agreed on the date – 25 December – and later, these feasts were merged by the Emperor Aurelian into one grand party of paganism called “Solus Invictus”, translated as the “feast of the unconquered sun”.

He points as proof that the pagans decorated trees. And so do Christians!!!!!!! Well Rabbi Sherlock has figured us all out. So throw away the Christmas tree you pagans. Put away the lights, you druid heathens.

And here’s the good Rabbi’s coup de grace:

In the end, worshiping any replacement for the True God is worshiping Satan, and that’s just where the Christmas Tree originates.

Because that’s what we’re doing. Christians have all been worshipping a tree. Yes. You caught us. My goodness, isn’t the Rabbi clever?

Doesn’t this reek of a guy who just read a book and now wants to run around proving to everyone how smart he is. Advice for Rabbi David: Shhhh. You’re not proving how smart you are.