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The War on the Meaning of Christmas

*subhead*Watch out Halloween!*subhead* I recently saw a Jon Stewart monologue that really got me thinking. Stewart was making fun of Fox News’ “War on Christmas.” Stewart asks how could there possibly be a “War on Christmas” when Christmas, as a… Continue Reading →

Christmas & Easter Catholic Follies

I had a very good and prayerful Easter Sunday with my wife and kids. I tell you this because everything else I write will seem like I wasn’t very focused on the fact that we’re celebrating that Jesus rose from… Continue Reading →

DC Nativity Scene Joke

This is a great joke I received from Guy McClung. You’ve probably seen it. I always seem to be the last to get these things but it’s funny and Christmasy so here goes: The Supreme Court has ruled that there… Continue Reading →

Flash Mob Brings Christ Back Into Christmas

This is great. Ht Mary’s Aggies

A CMR Christmas Message

It’s time for the annual showing of one of the greatest Christmas specials of all time. This always cracks me up. CMR brother in law Pat Shay tells the second greatest Christmas story…evah! (The birth of Christ is number one… Continue Reading →

Reporter Confronts Gov About Canceling Christmas

This is fun. This reporter from Fox asks very pointed questions of that squishy Governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee who recently renamed the Christmas tree a Holiday tree. This reporter does a great job and leads him down the… Continue Reading →

“This is totally not a religious thing. This is about Christmas.”

When I first saw this story, I filed it in the “War on Christmas” file I have in my head. And make no mistake there is a war on Christmas. You seriously can’t be online for twenty minutes before you… Continue Reading →

Giftmas is the New Civil Union

Let’s just stop all the games and instead of the war on Christmas let’s just establish an alternate holiday for them all to celebrate. We’ll call it Giftmas. I’ve seen that word mentioned a few times. In fact, if you… Continue Reading →

Bethlehemian Rhapsody

This was sent to us by our buddy Chelsea. It’s too much fun not to share. And right in time for Christmas. I mean what says Christmas like Queen, right?

The 7 Worst Christmas Specials…Evah.

I’ve got a bunch of kids. And I’ve got a television. This is a recipe for disaster, especially around Christmas time. If my kids see an ad for a Christmas special they’re on their knees pleading“pleasecanwestayuptowatchitjustthisonceandwepromisewe’llgorighttobedandwewon’thiteachotherevenwhentheydeserveitandwe’llevenreadtomorrowpleasepleaseplease… And I invariably say… Continue Reading →

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