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Book Review: Between the Savior and the Sea

A lot of the Christian fiction I read isn’t all that great. But I usually look past the clunky writing or the obvious storylines to access the deeper truths the book is sharing. Look, my hats off to anyone who… Continue Reading →

Great Theology of the Body Book

I read Marcel Lejeune’s book Set Free to Love and it’s great. I’m an idiot so I tend to stay away from heavy duty theology books but I read this, enjoyed the heck out of it, and I understood everything… Continue Reading →

Call Me an Idiot But…I Love Dean Koontz

You want to know how stupid I am. Well, you can read this blog and get a pretty good idea. But I’m even stupider than you think. I love Dean Koontz. There. I said it. If this guy writes it… Continue Reading →

Harry Potter and Deathly Sleep Deprivation

I took no chances. I assiduously avoided any stray link, newspaper story, or television show that remotely anything to do with Harry Potter. I received the book at my front door courtesy of Amazon and UPS at 9:15 AM. Very… Continue Reading →

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