I took no chances.

I assiduously avoided any stray link, newspaper story, or television show that remotely anything to do with Harry Potter.

I received the book at my front door courtesy of Amazon and UPS at 9:15 AM. Very nice, as Borat would say. Displaying heretofore unknown wisdom, I had planned months in advance with my wife that this particular day would be mine. I explained that I intended to read the entire book in one sitting and would brook no disturbance. Since it was still months away and did not yet have a tangible aspect to it, my wife readily agreed. Thusly, it was imprinted on my spouse’s calender, which makes it more official than any ex cathedra statement, “July 21, 2007 –Patrick unavailable.”

So upon receiving the book at 9:15 AM I was settled in by 9:30 for a long summer’s day read. Stopping only for bathroom breaks and microwaveable food, I read until the reading was done.

I intend to keep this spoiler free, so let me just say that I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Some of the plot elements I had anticipated, other I had not. It all seemed fitting.

I do intend to write a more detailed piece in the future, once all those who plan to read the book this week have done so. There has been much discussion over the years about Harry Potter. Christian or un-Christian? Harmless magic or promoting the occult? It was my distinct impression upon turning the last page, that J.K. Rowling had tipped her hand.

There is some overt Christian imagery and allegory in this last chapter. I suspect there will be some discussion on this point in the future, but as I have said before I think there are many Christian elements in the series. Good vs. evil, the power of love and self sacrifice. However this last chapter seals the deal as far as I am concerned.

I am not suggesting the Rowling is destined to be mentioned with Lewis and Tolkien, but that a case can be made that her masterwork may have derived key elements from the same source.

As I said, more to come. When this is discussed, I want everyone to join in. Not just just those who have a spouse as wonderful and tolerant as I. But for now, please let me know if you think that I am on to something or just imposing my own view point onto something I enjoyed.