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Harry Potter’s An Atheist?

So first Dumbledore was gay and now Harry’s an atheist!? Next, Hermione’s going to be shooting heroin with Lindsey Lohan! And Ron will have a collection of dead hobos in his backyard.The Examiner reports: Though many people have suspected that… Continue Reading →

Clinton as Voldemort

Ok. Who read the New York Times article today about the Clinton’s obsession with listing those who were loyal and those who weren’t and couldn’t help but think of Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter? Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was gracious… Continue Reading →

I Knew It, I Didn’t Know It, But I Knew It

I knew it. I think from the second book I suspected it and by the fourth book I was convinced. The themes and imagery in the Harry Potter series are Christian inspired. Well, now you have it from the horses… Continue Reading →

Harry Potter and Deathly Sleep Deprivation

I took no chances. I assiduously avoided any stray link, newspaper story, or television show that remotely anything to do with Harry Potter. I received the book at my front door courtesy of Amazon and UPS at 9:15 AM. Very… Continue Reading →

Harry Potter and the Fleetwood Approbation

I must admit, I am a Harry Potter fan. I know that doesn’t sit well in some circles. Some see in Harry Potter the epitome of the glorification of the occult in modern society. I don’t, and apparently I am… Continue Reading →

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