A lot of the Christian fiction I read isn’t all that great. But I usually look past the clunky writing or the obvious storylines to access the deeper truths the book is sharing.

Look, my hats off to anyone who writes a book. I write a blog and find that difficult. But I don’t do a lot of reviews even though my brother and I sometimes get emails from p.r. people. We don’t do it mainly because we don’t want to read something and then write that it stunk. And I’m not going to lie to my readers and say something is awesome that isn’t awesome.

Well, I don’t have to worry about that with Professor Rice’s book “Between the Savior and the Sea.” Essentially, Professor Rice’s book is a fictionalized history of Peter. It’s a weird genre that makes me nervous because it’s tough to get it right. But I gotta’ tell you I think “Between the Savior and the Sea” is darn good. I found myself moved quite often. It’s faithful and insightful. It gave me much to consider. I really appreciated how Rice showed Peter dealing with his failures. It humanized him a bit for me.

I know this is just about the worst review ever written (hey, I don’t do it often) but what I’m trying to say is that if you like reading about your faith and you like a good story with spiritual insights I think “Between the Savior and the Sea” is for you. I really enjoyed it.

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