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Brownback’s Machiavellian Vote?

There’s nothing wrong with being smart. In politics, it’s strategize or die. But at some point you must have principles or you’ll end up like…well…Arlen Specter. Some think Brownback crossed the line with his recent vote for pro-abortion lunatic Kathleen… Continue Reading →

Microscopic-American Rights

Aren’t Christians the ones who are supposed to be afraid of science? Aren’t us religious nuts the ones who want to bring back the Dark Ages? Then why is it that Christians are the ones embracing science when it comes… Continue Reading →

Brownback Is A Man

I admire Sam Brownback. In an era when ‘Catholic’ politicians disingenuously peddle the ‘personally opposed’ hogwash or make illogical and unethical exceptions for rape and incest, the Republican Senator and presidential candidate stands up for life. Period. In a speech… Continue Reading →

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