Aren’t Christians the ones who are supposed to be afraid of science? Aren’t us religious nuts the ones who want to bring back the Dark Ages? Then why is it that Christians are the ones embracing science when it comes to looking inside the womb and the secularists want to keep the womb in the dark.

US Senator (and Catholic convert) Sam Brownback has introduced federal legislation that would require an ultrasound examination of any woman seeking an abortion.

Brownback added that the measure could “cause a deeper reflection on the humanity of unborn children.” The pro-abortion community is, of course, up in arms. But it was much easier for the left to have this discussion in the 1960’s when they could convince everyone that it was just a clump of cells in the womb until just about the time a woman gave birth.

But science is now showing the womb to be home to…gasp…a little human being! What exactly were we all expecting? And the more research that’s done we’ve found that each fetus from the moment of conception is a completely original DNA endowed individual.

So the pro-abortion community is desperately attempting to keep the fetuses in the dark. Don’t look at this ultrasound. The pro-abortion is like the Wizard of OZ still wildly pulling levers and trying to scare everyone all the while pleading for us not to look behind the curtain because when we do their power will be gone.

I want to pull the curtain. So I’m officially announcing a new club: Pro-Science Catholics for Microscopic Americans. Wanna’ join?