Microscopic-American Rights
—Aren’t Christians the ones who are supposed to be afraid of science? Aren’t us religious nuts the ones who want to bring back the Dark Ages?

Katie Couric Uncomfortable with Patriotism
—What is this we @#!$ kimosabe?

No Reverence for Eucharist?
—The problem when we treat Communion like it’s just “Drive-Thru Jesus.”

Holocaust Deniers in Prison; Holocaust Providers on Stage
—Those who plan to commit a holocaust are much more interesting.

Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead
—How many times do you have to say the same thing?

Caffeine and Anti-Catholicism
—Can I have a Anti-Cath Mocha Latte please?

The Worst of the Worst!
—Hold on to your 1962 Missals folks! This is one of the worst responses to the Motu Proprio yet!

Rowan Williams Goes Into the Closet
—Archbishop of Canterbury to attend super secret meeting of LGBT clergy. Seemingly dares schism.

Papal visit to US set
—New York, Sep. 19, 2007 (CWNews.com) – Pope Benedict XVI will visit the US in April 2008, for a major address at UN headquarters in New York.

When Was the Last Homily You Heard about Satan?
—We have ignored for a long time, has he gone away yet?