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Liberal Groups Angry at Catholic College. Yes!

Two liberal Catholic groups are angry over a decision made by a Catholic college. Hmmmm. I love the sound of it. It’s not a sentence I get to write very often. Let me say it again. Two liberal Catholic groups… Continue Reading →

Conservatives Need Not Apply at Catholic College

Saint Michael’s College in Vermont is a Catholic college looking for a professor for their political science department, according to their website. Saint Michael’s College is seeking to fill a full-time, tenure-track position in the Department of Political Science in… Continue Reading →

Religion in the Hook-up College Culture

The sexual “hook-up culture” is widespread on college and university campuses, regardless of whether the institutions are Catholic or secular, a Catholic academic says, according to the California Catholic Daily. Boston University religion professor Donna Freitas reports her findings in… Continue Reading →

Signs of Progress

The best evidence yet that the drumbeat against public support of pro-abortion Catholic pols at Catholic institutions is having an effect appears in the Boston Globe of all places. The Globe tells us how the personally opposed prevaricators are just… Continue Reading →

College B-ball Coach Recites Rosary Before Games

Phil Martelli, the popular and successful coach of the St. Joseph’s University men’s basketball team (And my alma mater) does have his quirks. He revealed some of them April 10 at a St. Martin of Tours School communion breakfast in… Continue Reading →

Cage Match: Pope Benedict vs. Diversity

In this corner we have the man in white – the man who struck fear in the heart of liberal theologians everywhere whose mission was the Inquisition. Aided by the Holy Spirit here’s the the Octogenarian Theologian, the Pope who… Continue Reading →

Santorum Calls Out “Catholic” Colleges

I graduated from a Jesuit university over ten years ago now and even then I remember the Catholic tradition of the school was talked about something we had to recognize was in our past. Not something shameful but certainly something… Continue Reading →

At Villanova, Politics Trump Morality

Here’s the quote that jumped out at me in this piece by the Catholic Standard and Times concerning Michelle Obama’s visit to Villanova University: Casey Dolan, a senior at Villanova and a volunteer at the rally, encouraged the protesters in… Continue Reading →

Notre Dame Shuns Bishop, Embraces the You-Know-What Monologues

The President of Notre Dame University announced that despite his Bishop’s protestations he’s allowing the “Vagina Monologues” on campus. The following statement was issued today (March 10) by Rev. John I. Jenkins, C.S.C., president of the University of Notre Dame:… Continue Reading →

Our Lady of the Stripper Pole?

Artwork depicting the Virgin Mary as a stripper stirred trouble while on display at a small Catholic university before the piece was apparently stolen, said the AP. The print was part of an exhibit last month at the University of… Continue Reading →

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