Saint Michael’s College in Vermont is a Catholic college looking for a professor for their political science department, according to their website.

Saint Michael’s College is seeking to fill a full-time, tenure-track position in the Department of Political Science in Political Theory at the rank of Assistant Professor to begin in August 2009. A Ph.D. in political science and prior teaching experience are required…Preference will be given to candidates who fit well within a collegial environment with an institutional commitment to social justice and community participation, and which supports original research and interdisciplinary teaching. We are especially interested in candidates who could contribute to institutional interdisciplinary priorities with theories of racial, ethnic, feminist and/or environmental politics.

Hmmm. Have you ever wondered why college campuses are dominated by liberal faculty who teach liberal talking points to their students? It’s because those are the only people they’ll hire.

Personally, I just thought they were a little too smart to put it in writing. I guess not.