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Most Common Big Family Fracases

New parents will often ask me questions about how to raise children because I have five children, none of whom are (currently) in jail. Asking me for parenting advice is a bad idea but I understand what it’s like to… Continue Reading →

12 Days of Christmas for Large Families!!!

This is great. I’ve heard every single one of these many many times. Please check out Faith & Family Live because 1) it’s a great website and 2) I’m feeling a little guilty stealing the video from their site but… Continue Reading →

Kindergarten Aquinas

Some days I think I’m an awesome parent. Other days, not so much. I have lots of other days. You remember this video we had on the blog where this woman’s news interview was song-ified. Pretty catchy and hilarious. Anyway,… Continue Reading →

Don’t Assume the Assumption

My eight year old, unlike my other children, needs to be cajoled, coddled, and complimented into learning. I don’t cajole, coddle or compliment well. Her grades are good but it just seems more difficult to get there. All the children… Continue Reading →

He Hit Me First!!!

What’s the most basic thing that parents teach children? The easiest lesson of all parenting. Don’t play with fire. That’s something cavemen successfully taught their children. But today I found a way to mess it up. When I walked into… Continue Reading →

Batman, The Crib, and the Potty

You ever wonder how Batman felt week after week capturing the Joker or Two Face and putting them in Gotham’s insane asylum known as Arkham only to see them break out in a week or two to plot some other… Continue Reading →

From Atheist Lesbian to Mother of Six

I love conversion stories. I just do. They’re stories that no matter how bleak they get you know there’s a happy ending. Check this one out at Lifesitenews: “I was an atheist for as long as I could remember” recalled… Continue Reading →

The Longest 48 Hours of My Life

My life had always responded to my will and even my whim. The times of my life were dictated by me. During high school I had a great time. I didn’t try very hard but I got by. Any girlfriends… Continue Reading →

Staying Home Sick

My eight year old came down the stairs saying she didn’t feel well the other morning. Now, as a father of five, I’ve grown to view claims of sickness with…shall we say…a fair amount of wariness. My seven year old… Continue Reading →

A Sherpa’s Guide to Heaven

I didn’t want to be a father. It wasn’t that I had anything against kids. I just didn’t understand the whole melting oooh and aaaaah thing that people did around children. It’s not that I was against having children. It’s… Continue Reading →

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