Some days I think I’m an awesome parent. Other days, not so much. I have lots of other days.

You remember this video we had on the blog where this woman’s news interview was song-ified. Pretty catchy and hilarious. Anyway, my kids heard the song one day while I was playing it and they all started singing “My Daddy taught me good.” It’s been in their heads for weeks and I hear them singing it sometimes. If I compliment them on a good grade, they’ll often break into song saying, “My Daddy taught me good.”

Now, during the “Oh my God” part of the song they all sing “Oh my gosh.” I didn’t tell them to sing it that way they just made the lyrical shift on their own.

But yesterday, my five year old boy approached me with a puzzled expression and said, “Dad I know we’re not allowed to say G-O-D in that song. But I’m wondering if maybe we can actually say it because isn’t she saying it in a prayer because there’s men with guns in the store so she’s praying to be safe? So we should be allowed to say it, right?”


I looked at him for a second and he looked back at me expecting some reasoned response–so I put him in a headlock and tickled him until he begged for mercy. I do this when I don’t know what else to say. When he finally was able to stand up and take a few deep breaths he stepped back in front of me and asked, “So isn’t it a prayer song?”

I tell him that it truly is an impressive argument and I’m proud of him and that he has an excellent point but uhm…no. The “Backing up” song is not a prayer song. Good effort though. And then I thought that while I may be one of the world’s worst parents allowing my children to hear the “Backin’ up” song, maybe I’m doing something just a little bit right that my five year old asked that question.

I’m awesome. Maybe their Daddy taught them good.