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Don’t You Make My Red State Blue

Many are cheering some pretty radical populations shifts in the latest Census. Folks from blue areas are moving to red areas. Shock, right? And some of those blue areas are losing representation. And that’s all well and good. Overall, I’d… Continue Reading →

Dora’s Freaking Me Out

Charlotte from Cheeky Pink Girl was shocked to see the government using our children to tell us what we should be doing. It’s pretty freaky. Check it out: On Monday morning, as I’m packing things up at my mother-in-law’s, we… Continue Reading →

Census Poster Depicts Joseph and Mary

The award for most shameless use of religious imagery in an effort to garner political power goes to…well Barack Obama. But the National Association of Latino Elected Officials comes in a close second with this stunt. The Washington Post is… Continue Reading →

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