Many are cheering some pretty radical populations shifts in the latest Census. Folks from blue areas are moving to red areas. Shock, right? And some of those blue areas are losing representation. And that’s all well and good.

Overall, I’d rather see blue states lose representation.

But beware. I remember about ten years ago Montgomery County Pennsylvania was a GOP stronghold. But here’s what happened. Democrats in Philadelphia ran the city into the ground. Crime went up, taxes went up, and school quality went down.

Recognizing the downward trajectory of Philadelphia, many Democrat voting families moved out of the city and into the suburbs like Montgomery County. And then what did they do? They voted Democrat. Instead of realizing that the Democrats destroyed the city they lived in and walking away from the party they kept voting the same way and expanded the Democratic Party’s reach into the suburbs.

Now, who represents Montgomery County? Much of it is represented by a far left former abortion clinic owner who is sometimes called the Nancy Pelosi of the East.

And this isn’t just a city to suburbs concern.

Freedom’s Lighthouse points to a population surge in Texas and Arizona and writes “some of the population change is a result of increased Hispanic populations in Texas and Arizona, and it is still unclear whether they will move those states closer to being in play for Democrats or not.”

So beware demographic shifts. When blue staters move into red states they don’t necessarily become red staters. Sometimes they make the red state blue.