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Bill Gates Wants to Destroy Your Sperm

Here’s what I know about Bill Gates. He likes money and doesn’t seem to like people. The Examiner reports: The latest research into a way to destroy human sperm has been funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that… Continue Reading →

UN: We Need Less People Fast!!

Only the United Nations could have such perverse logic. Upon seeing poor people and illiterate people, the UN doesn’t think to try to wipe out poverty or illiteracy. They think that if they just get rid of people, there won’t… Continue Reading →

Don’t You Make My Red State Blue

Many are cheering some pretty radical populations shifts in the latest Census. Folks from blue areas are moving to red areas. Shock, right? And some of those blue areas are losing representation. And that’s all well and good. Overall, I’d… Continue Reading →

Overpopulation is a Myth

Check out these vids from the Population Reseach Institute concerning showing that overpopulation is a myth. Al Kresta says this debate has a spiritual and theological dimension and I agree with him – not that anybody cares what I think.

Anti-Baby Science

Global warming alarmist types are in a dither, according to a study in The Scientific American entitled “Will Birth Control Solve Climate Change?” The Chicken Littles are desperate to stop babies from being born but aren’t sure of the best… Continue Reading →

Having Babies is Like Stealing?

Are babies stealing? According to news reports the Anglican Church thinks so. I’m not sure I understand how babies are stealing. I mean, they can’t even drive the getaway car. But the General Synod of the Anglican Church, according to… Continue Reading →

America Joins Europe

America has once again joined in on the greatest magic trick since David Copperfield somehow got Claudia Schiffer not to laugh at him. But this magic trick is much bigger. America has joined Europe in attempting to make all of… Continue Reading →

Babies Will Be the Death of Us All

Babies are the problem. And American babies are the worst. As if liberals weren’t doing enough to limit the number of babies, now a new study is saying that babies may just be the death of us all doe to… Continue Reading →

Miracle of Life Or Population Bomb?

This video is called “The Stork is the Bird of War” and it horrifies me and leads me to believe that sadly, there is clearly a tragic disconnect in Western civilization. There are clearly two cultures. One sees babies as… Continue Reading →

Minister: Stop Having So Many Children!

‘Might our religion be killing us?’ That’s what a Baptist minister was asking recently in an editorial in USA Today. Rev. Oliver “Buzz” Thomas writes: Be fruitful and multiply,” says the book of Genesis, and Lord knows we have. To… Continue Reading →

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