Here’s what I know about Bill Gates. He likes money and doesn’t seem to like people.

The Examiner reports:

The latest research into a way to destroy human sperm has been funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that could provide men effective contraception for six months.

The Gates Foundation has funded a study at the University of North Carolina (UNC) to develop the new technology. The method used in the research tested ultra sound on lab rats. Two 15-minute doses has been reported to “significantly reduce” sperm count and sperm integrity.

Dude, when you come up with a computer system that doesn’t fry the computer, then maybe people will let you monkey with their bizness.

Or maybe that’s what Gates is good at -frying systems.

What is it with some of these guys with lots of money? They’ve got nothing else to worry about so they obsess over the abundance of people who are not them. Ted Turner is so obsessed with overpopulation he predicted we’d all be cannibals by next August or something. Bill Gates has probably spent billions to eradicate the scourge of humanity that dares to share the planet with him.

Is it that they look out in the world and stress that nobody else in the world match up to their glory so they figure they’ve got to rid the world of such filth?

For some reason, so many people say they worry about the hungry. They say there’s only so much food and too many people. But instead of figuring out how to increase the food supply they immediately jump to making less people.

And I love how their work at population control is classified as humanitarian. It’s a lot of things but humanitarian it ain’t. In fact, isn’t that exactly the opositte of what it is. Isn’t it anti-human?